This year, whereas it has crowned trump as the president of the most powerful country in the world, some good things have happened too. The good things include the return of vintage inspired dresses and destination weddings. Although the later hadn’t been dormant as per say but it surely was not a booming trend as it is now. So as a treat for all those people who are about to get hitched we thought we might bring something informative, like vintage inspired weddingdresses that you could flaunt on a destination wedding. Because we know it, travelling with hefty gowns is no easy task.

Destination wedding dresses, in our experience need to be precise, simple, tailless and elegant, but since getting hitched is a mutual decision which involves family, friends and your spouse one can’t single handedly take the decision of buying dress on their own. One needs all of them on his side before saying yes to the dress. Keeping all the hassle of buying a wedding dress in mind, the only designer we could think of was Sanyukta Shrestha- her vintage style wedding dress line inspired by Wallis is a perfect getaway for any bride who needs a destination wedding dress.

Each gown in this collection is a classic time capsule that takes one back in time when vintage style wedding dresses were all the rage. Wallis in love collection encapsulates all the elements the wearer feels necessary to have for a destination wedding. However the ‘Bessie’ wedding gown is ideal for such a wedding, it is a vintage style wedding dress that is chopped off at thighs to make it comfortable for the bride to move smoothly through the aisle as well as during the travel journey. Such cuts make it the ideal destination wedding dress. Plus the gathered neck line and fitted waist line reminds the audience of the 80s when body kissing dresses were everything.

Check it out here:

Another dress in this classic collection is again vintage styled wedding dress as it reminds one of the great Gatsby fashion trend: the Marion wedding gown. Marion is although a gown with a signature tail, but it entails the very vintage- y draped neck and the milky fabric material that is used to make this wonder brings out the perfect sheen of a wedding dress, making it the right dress for a Gatsby themed destination wedding. Check out this dress here:


We personally think that Marion vintage styled wedding dress could serve as the mutually liked and appreciated destination wedding dress by all of the family members and friends for two reasons:

  1. It has the typical, which some parents of the bride think is really necessary for a bride to wear or else she really doesn’t give of the bride vibes.
  2. It has right cuts and shows off the bare minimum for anybody to gaze at, which again is 10 points from parents!

Hope you find the perfect vintage styled wedding dress for your destination wedding, ciao!


8 Best Boho Wedding Dresses & Low Back Wedding Dresses To Suit Any Bride From Vintage To Fashion Forward

Boho wedding dresses are just the best! There is something very breathtaking about a boho wedding dress that is hard to resist.

Are you inclined towards a Boho wedding theme or are you more of a romantic fairy princess? Are you looking for the perfect Boho wedding dress to suit your bohemian themed wedding? Or need to have a look at the best low back wedding dresses to suit your luxurious romantic affair of a wedding? Look no further, as we have brought to you some of the most elegant collections of one of the high-end wedding dress designers, Sanyukta Shrestha. Her collections include a punchy modern twist and amazing vintage styles, which are beautifully handcrafted to perfection. So let us have a look at 8 of her best boho wedding dresses and low back wedding dresses from Sanyukta’s top collections to help you choose from. However, if you are into made-to-measure wedding dresses, you can have ideas from these collections and get your dress customized according to your wish.

Boho Wedding Dresses

We have chosen four boho wedding dresses the very best collections of Sanyukta Shrestha for all the super stylish boho brides out there.

1.   Aurelia Wedding Dress

Aurelia is the most ethereal dress from Sanyukta’s Entwined love collection which is both boho and magical with its delicate keyhole back detail and fine Chantilly lace.

2.   Bella Wedding Dress

Bella is the super-chic boho dress from the Entwined Love Collection which lets the boho brides make a statement at their special day with a striking keyhole and gorgeous Crochet lace

3.   Milca Wedding Dress

Milca is the super glamorous dress from Sanyukta’s Wallis in Love Collection, which is boho and enchanting with its open cross back detail for a mesmerizing beauty.

4.   Sonia Wedding Dress

Sonia is the ultimate modern boho dress from the Lavender Dream Collection of Sanyukta which fulfills the bohemian dream of our modern brides with its playful design with a daring embellished back.

Low Back Wedding Dresses

We have chosen four low back wedding dresses from the very best collections of Sanyukta Shrestha for all the romantic yet modern and fashion-forward brides to make a statement at their wedding.

5.   Eartha Wedding Dress

Eartha is the most romantic colored wedding gown for Sanyukta’s Eco Goddess Collection which will make you dazzle with its full plunge back by accentuating your femininity.

6.   Sea Wedding Dress

Sea is another glamorous dress from the Eco Goddess Collection, which is heavily embellished with a plunged deep V-back that accentuates feminine arch of the back for the daring modern brides.

7.   Moon Wedding Dress

Moon is one of the most remarkable dresses from Sanyukta’s Entwined Love collection that is both romantic and modern with its ornate and daring plunge back to showoff your feminine features.

8.   Ellene Wedding Dress 

Another gorgeous dress from the Entwined Love collection with a low back is Ellene which is truly a classic piece which is delicate yet daring.

So, Modern Brides! Go ahead and choose from the ultimate list of best wedding dress according to your distinctive cohesion of wishes and personality to express your individuality.



Wedding Dress Trends to Follow in 2017

Are you the bride-to-be? Looking for some floaty wedding dresses that best define your personality? Want to be the modern yet sophisticated bride? We have come up with a list of the bridal wear trends to follow this year for our beloved upcoming brides.

Simplicity is Back and This is How

Simple but chic wedding dresses are back in fashion. If you’re the bride who wants to stand out with her exquisite simplicity, then you will love Esther and Jadore from the Modern Muse collection by SanyuktaShrestha. These are lovely floaty wedding dresses by one of the top wedding dress designers and aren’t the pieces to be missed.


Bows are unquestionably girly and absolutely in vogue this year. The best idea is to select a gown with an oversized bow like the exquisite Calathia from Enchanted Bloom collection or Allegra from Modern Muse collection by SanyuktaShrestha. These ethical wedding dress designs make you look stunning and unique.


If you are in love with feminine trendy dresses, then the romantic ruffles trend will allure you. The gorgeous Lake and Eartha ruffle gowns from Eco-Goddess Collection by SanyuktaShrestha will be the perfect choice for all the girls who love pretty maintaining their individuality.

High-Necked Wedding Gowns

If you are looking forward to a grand wedding and want an ethical wedding dress UK, then the high-necked bridal gown is the one for you. You would look ethereal in Cynthia from the Wallis in Love collection by one of the top wedding dress designers, SanyuktaShrestha.

Deep V-Neckline

The deep-V is a great trend this year as it flatters the upper body as well as elongates the frame. So, play up your sexy vibe with Sienna from Love entwined collection. With this delicate and dramatic silhouette by SanyuktaShrestha which focuses on your femininity, you can exude soft elegance.

Dramatic back

Floaty Wedding dresses with dramatic backs are in full vogue this season. The Enchanted Bloom Collection by SanyuktaShrestha is full of options for dramatic backs which are too gorgeous for words. Aster, Calathia, and Diphylleia are the most ethereal gowns with dramatic backs that will put the hall under your spell while you walk down the aisle.

Keep in mind this hot-list of the latest trends in bridal wear while selecting your special dress. It will help you to choose the trendiest yet ethical wedding dress UK from one of the top wedding dress designers.